Ozonated Olive Oil

Our company,  produces aseptic and durable preparation of natural origin and beneficial for skin. Owing to its oily form it is easy to apply and easily penetrates into the deep layers of skin.


The ozonated olive oil, produced by our company, has an analytically confirmed and statistically repetitive concentration of ozonide (1,2,4 trioxolane). It provides the desired properties of this substance and guarantees its durability. Using statistical methods, the concentration of ozonide is analysed analytically in order to meet the procedures used in medicine production. When stored in the domestic environment, ozonated olive oil retains its properties for eighteen months. When using ozonated oil, pour out the necessary quantity, e.g. onto a saucer, so as not to introduce contamination into the bottle.


The ozonides are completely harmless, they are stable components that do not evaporate over time and whose structure allows them to penetrate to the deepest layers of skin and have a positive effect on cells. The action of ozonides is to enable and intensify individual chemical reactions involving the most important to the regeneration and defense of cells, element – oxygen. Owing to their oxidising properties, ozonides give a powerful energy boost.

Olive Oil – about the raw materials used to ozonate

Olive Oil (Latin: Oleum Olivarum) is a cold-pressed vegetable oil obtained from the highest quality Cretan olives. It is one of the oldest oils known to man. Due to the sensitivity to light should be stored from dark places, dark packaging (glass is best).

To ozonating we use only the world’s highest quality oil imported from Crete, Greece.  The main application of olive oil is gastronomy and cosmetology. In the catering industry used for frying and seasoning dishes (often enriched with aromas of chilli, rosemary, oregan, etc.) When it comes to the cosmetics industry, olive oil is recommended for dry skin, poorly supplied with blood, and mature, over-injected. Also used as a serum in medical masks for hair and nails. It has warming properties and improves skin blood circulation.

Olive oil due to its oleic acid (fatty acid – MUFA) plays a protective role in atherosclerotic diseases. Regular consumption of Olive Oil helps to reduce the amount of LDL cholesterster in blood.Contained in olive oil squalene, belonging to the group of so-called compounds triterpenes, acts protective and preventive against the formation of cancer cells in the human body. Scientifically confirmed research clearly states that women who consume large amounts of olive oil are much more likely to get breast cancer.

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