Ozonated Sesame Oil

(Ozonated Sesame Seeds Oil)

Our company produces ozonated sesame oil  from selected, roasted sesame seeds.


In the cosmetics industry, it is used as an oil for body massage and bathing. Often used in creams and lotions for mixed, mature, poorly skinned skin.


Sesame oil after ozonation has medical, disinfecting, firming, moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

Incredible benefits of sesame oil

Nowadays, we pay increasing attention to the things that we eat and condiments that we add to our food. We now recognise the significance of oil for our body and its ability to function at its optimal levels. Recently there has been much talk of the benefits of sesame and sesame oil made from it. What benefits does it offer?

ozonated-sesame-oil-glassDon’t let yourself be beaten by cancer – sesame oil in medicine

Sesame oil is becoming more and more important in medicine, especially in the area of cancer prevention. Nowadays, it is emphasised how important it is to prevent the growth of cancer cells – we have become aware that artificial chemicals in food are bad for our health. We try to protect ourselves by choosing healthy organic foods and oils. Sesame is known to prevent the growth of skin cancer – melanoma. Sesame oil is rich in lignans which are essential to preventing breast and prostate cancer. Phytosterols found in sesame oil can prevent the development of atherosclerosis while sesamolin lowers blood pressure. That is why patients with hypertension or heart diseases should include sesame oil in their diet.

Sesame oil provides a mega dose of calcium. It will make your bones clearly stronger. Calcium is also essential for a healthy heart and circulatory system. Sesame oil prevents constipation and boosts metabolism. It also acts as a natural painkiller. It can be used to relieve symptoms of cold and cough. With its low glycemic index, sesame oil can be safely used by diabetics.

Sesame in cosmetics – stay healthy

Sesamol has been found to be an active antioxidant. It is gaining popularity among cosmetics manufacturers who add it to skin care products – it stops the process of skin ageing. Ozonated Sesame oil can be easily used by those with dry or hypersensitive skin.

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